Corporates Find Their Voice

In recent months I developed diversity fatigue. The topic which for me is frustratingly obvious in its necessity, had become weighted by jargon, buzzwords and an ever burgeoning industry which attempted to capitalise on its cause. Apparently I’m not the only one. Googling ‘diversity fatigue’ […]

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Possibilities beyond our line of vision

Oh what a difference a year makes…the last twelve months have seen me become Alice, transported into something of a wonderland. This time last year my life was almost completely different. Of course there are remnants which have remained consistent (the kids look pretty normal […]

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Our Watershed Moment In Time

Brilliant article by Susan Riley in Stylist magazine this week on the fact that five years after Sheryl Sandberg started a conversation about women leaning in, the forward motion has reversed with many of us reclining all together, kicking off our shoes and grabbing a colouring book, […]

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Are you entitled to success?

Profile any set of successful entrepreneurs and you’ll find a plethora of similarities. Characteristics and qualitative features about these individuals which have nothing to do with which university they studied at (indeed many did not study at all) or how much start-up capital they had. […]

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Quit hiding and be visible

There is a power in visibility. I talk about it in my PR workshops and explain the magic which happens when you quit hiding behind your website or brand and introduce the woman or man behind your business to your audience. We all know that […]

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