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My Story

Being celebrated is wonderful, awards and accolades are special. Tangible evidence of those nights and nights of work, the motorway miles covered, the sacrifices made, the uncertainty, financial hardship. A glassy stamp of approval for the mantle, and I am grateful for the sparkly moments. I am, however, even prouder of the fact that in the face of uncertainty I kept going, and so should you be.

“How do you feel?” the journalist asked me at the Cabinet office, I was one of four individuals honoured by the Queen to have been invited to the press conference where the Honours list was announced.

‘It’s not how far I’ve come that is significant, but the distance I have traveled, I responded.

What I meant, was that it isn’t my success that is significant, but my journey. How I went from being pregnant aged 17 and living temporarily in a Kings Cross hostel to travelling to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations by private jet with global icons as clients, invitations to No. 10 Downing street and the Palace is interesting, but the real story is the journey that transforming my life and reinventing myself has taken me on.

It didn’t happen purely through A levels, university, an amazing career, and business ownership, behind the scenes I faced loneliness, fear and vulnerability – as well as the joy of accomplishment and the benefits its brought. Sitting at boardroom tables feeling fraudulent and incapable, driving to university in tears plagued by working mum guilt, shying away from the boundaries of my comfort zone for fear of failure and all of the other emotions & negative thoughts we all experience to varying degrees, was all a part of the ride.

Digging deep into myself when it felt as though the world around me was crumbling, and I had nothing left to draw on – is where the real growth took place and the magic happened.

We can all accomplish absolutely anything, as the Paolo Coelho quote says when you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it, but success requires action and the courage to be visible.

Love and huge respect for being courageous enough to get out there and design your best life.


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